Should we include different people?

People are different, memes are different, music are different, everything is different, metacharacteristic speaking  *resist the desire to be racist against Asian people!*, so, why treat equally? The point is: we shouldn’t! And because we do, those special people are excluded from society.

In the workplace, managers tested if gifted people or disabled people or male/female adapted better when treated the same or minding their variations, and guess what? Their marvels were wasted (when they were treated equally) and everyone know that that is bad to a workplace, considering the goal of being productive. And, since they aren’t working at 110%, they are being pushed aside by the social structure and not getting the benefits of which they deserve by doing their jobs, making them  sorta excluded from society even more.

The point being: gifted or disabled people should and must be treated differently, and including them in a set of “normal” people isn’t actually gonna turn them into active and proud people, but instead may even increase the suicide rates! That proven by the writer of this text, by Saitama, by the second sons from Japan…

This text wouldn’t be even necessary if the world had fallen into Anarchy, but, wherev’ dood, Utopias are Utopias even if math has proven that 1=0.