There is no problem in using drugs

I suffer from ADD since i was a child, I was that child that forgot stuff everywhere, drawn in every inch of the notebook and couldn’t play sports, because I wouldn’t think about the game (that still stands till today), and since then i’ve started do drink coffee with sweeteners, that was enhanced. But that is not the main frame: as I was researching about addictions, I found out that I have a clinical mild addiction to caffeine, and that i have developed tolerance to sucralose, and does that make me a bad person? No, of course not, having addictions just means that you were born prone to having it, or your life is totally boring! Damn, that went dark…Most people that are born prone to developing a addiction are born with a mental disability, and we already talked about this in another post (, concluding that that makes you better than everyone; but there is another possibility, you were prone to it by being too poor, which means that you were trying to escape reality, and, if you reached that point, I can’t see a explanation to holding back on the drugs, just go all the way!

Also, if you life is totally boring, either you have too much money or you’re too smart, and those are no reason to complain, so, just celebrate and avoid the law, I guess?

By the way, there are a lot of addictions, we just focused on drugs because those are the most tangible type.