One more reason why we write wrongly

Some may have noticed that i don’t capitalize the “i” when reffering to myself, this is, most likely, a bullshit reason, but you know, this site is already a trainwreck of intelectual justifications to basic shit, so, why the fuck not?

Once, there was a twenty one pilots interview (I reallly can’t find that link, yo! If someone has it, please!) that they stated that their album: twenty|one|pilots was named like that just because they didn’t wanted to feel like any more different nor important than others, that writing like that helped them keep humble and proud of their origins: small shows in their colleges and Columbus.

And, believe it or not, that is exactly the message that we try to express: i ain’t different from you, i am not any better just because i know how to arrange a few lines of text, matter fact, i can’t even write properly in my own language (Which sucks, by the way!), and, therefore, we won’t capitalize our Is, because i am not superior to you


This post is actually a follow up, check the first one! Yes, this is a order, marjor!


Excuses to be mean

I ended up saying this to my friend:

I’m,  for the most part, rude when giving the real talk, so people don’t try to sympathize and make their own judgement based in a idealistic point of view

And that got me thinking: isn’t being nice just a wrong way to make a point and be taken seriously?

I mean, most people misunderstand human interactions: if a girl is nice to a guy, she’s into him; if you agree with someone, you are TOTALLY  disagreeing with the other side of the discussion. There is that misunderstanding because there is such thing as expressions, and if something is said with the wrong expression, the receipt of the conversation may see  the point into the emoticon that your face is expressing, for once: if you are talking about World War II, and you are with a big ol’ smile on your face, the person may interpretate you as a approver of Hitler’s actions.

Besides that, scientifics studies are, by convention, searching for scientific neutrality, which means that we shouldn’t, at all, be nice, nor express any emotions on our jobs.But, that apathy can be misunderstood as rudeness, and you don’t want to be a Rood Dood.

Then, in the end, should you express any emotion on any argument? I mean, you cannot express anything in any situation, so, no! Then, what to do? You should be the less caring about the other people, but, if you care the less about the other person, you are consequently being mean to your “opponent”, which is a solution, if you don’t want to be Misunderstood.

Geez, this was a bad post to write about…. Prolly, it isn’t finished, so, wait for more edits.


A GT about a man

The man always failed

Everything he did, he failed

No matter what, he failed, if he did it!

He could never get a job,

He could never be truly happy

Because he failed in being happy

And failed in being sad, too

That’s a story

A story about a man

That failed in everything

About any means

Once he tried to fight it

And tried hard enough

Except that it wasn’t enough

He failed at it

That’s a story

A story about a man

That failed in everything

About any means

One day, he woke up really sad

Not about all that mad

That wasn’t pretty bad

With that sign, a idea he had

He wouldn’t fail again

He would have a last gain

It hurt, at first

But, no pain, no gain

It smelled bad, on June thirty first

The body of a happy failed man

That failed on everything

Except the last thing

That deceased the man



Every human been is different from each other, but also very alike at the same time. Do our differences makes who we are? Or we are wrong to be who we really are, because we are in a society that tries to standardize us?

Being “different” in our society is difficult sometimes, even without realizing, people end up establishing a standard which don’t include everyone. When kids go to elementary school, they’re leaving their homes, the place that they were raised to be put in a place full of other children who were raised based in other cultures with a totally different family. So, it can be hard for them to understand or comprehend that is wrong to refuse what’s “different”.

These kids can end up practicing bullying. It’ s extremely important to orientate them to accept their differences and to understand that calling someone weird, just because they think that person is way too different, is wrong. The schools, parents and teachers need to explain the concept of diversity and how it is important in our daily’s lifes. In the end, our differences makes us unique.

YTP should be denied by individuals and praised by community

YTP stands to YouTube Poop, and it is a genre of videos that are posted on Youtube (but can be reposted in other sites), and have the intent to annoy, entertain or stuns a group of people that will watch the video, and i focus on the word “will” because it sells and it brings a audience, the first video in this genre was this The First Youtube Poop EVER! – Created by SuperYoshi (2004), it was 2004, and the genre has evolved a lot since then. Basically, in a YouTube poop video, there is a mix of a lot of medias that aren’t originally together, but, thanks to the youtuber, are put together to make a new meaning out of all that mess.

And, with that, we reached the point of speaking about the title: YTP should be denied by individuals. The fun of being a individual is being different than everyone else, that’s why most hate dictatorships, socialism and monarchy: they don’t have the chance to be themselves, because, to the others, you are just the part of set group and there’s just no way! to rise up and don’t be ignored. However, how exactly that relate to YTP? Simply because it extracts your mark of individuality and downgrades you to just a sound to be played, even “disconsidering” whatever you said, which is pretty offensive, at least in my opinion.

Given that, why should the community praise YTP, as the gamers should praise the sun?  Why not really? YouTube poopers are the innermost select few that see anything as anything else but that thing! And, believe it or not, those named innovators, in English, a preofession that any society needs to evolve within itself or internationally.
  So, that’s that! And don’t forget to watch PBS’ playlist, after all, there isn’t new content in the Internet, just copies of previous seen content:

This was our inspiration.