Leafy is the savior of freedom of speech 

Leafy is now the long stated cyberbully of the YouTube and the Internet, with views and likes in ranks like pewdiepie’s. Some can say that he’s trash, that he is the worse part of the Internet, but he does what most are afraid of doing: pander negatively to his audience, and the proof that he is just pandering is his channel’s history: he started just complaining about people who ruin games and the Internet, but now he talks about specific people, turning him, now, into a cyberbully, 您耻辱, leafy….

But, that is exactly my point, he shits in other people, by most, in those whom can’t actually fight back, except that he doesn’t demands his fans to leave mean comments in the channels of his victims, actually, he tell them not to; he doesn’t refuse to interact and even turn friend to whoever Calvin ramble about in his videos, in fact, little Calvin even is friend with some of those people!

Although the leaf makes a lot of youtubers (onlookers and Content creators) laugh, outsiders may hate on him, nevertheless he doesn’t back down! Because you know, freedom of speech and stuff. But that splits is between some groups: those whom watch to hate, those whom watch because of funsies, those whom don’t watch and hate, those whom don’t watch, those whom watch in a aphatic way; and those different Ways to perceive media is what makes us unique, so unique that it may reflect in our jobs qualifications, for once, those whom watch and hate may be best fit into jobs that require human relations!

In conclusion, leafy is a anarchist and the people being different are a good thing.

Also, this is my favourite video from him:

It’s mum


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