Maybe school is destroying what is left of humanity in us

Much like dark souls (The worst game for casual players, since you win by dying -most players can’t handle that-), the educational system try to condition us in a form, or shape -in a way-, by forcing us (the society forces us to go to school first, of course) to try to fit into some arbitrary rules, which don’t usually make the cut to outside school or make so little that it’s actually funny to post about it on the Internet, in meme form.

And, much like dark souls, everytime you fail something, you loose a little bit of your humanity and some of your soul. You don’t believe that? Hm… Curious…  You must be crazy for proof, right? Well, in many cultures, creativity is considered a expression of the forecalled soul, cultures those whom also consider soul the basis of humanity. Considering those tenets, anything that supresses creativity also kills the human part of each every one of us, given that, it’s basically common knowledge that many people believe and proved that people that go to school are less creative, don’t think many ways out of a situation, and all that jazz, so, any objections?

Luckaly, there are colleges, and most of them encourage people to think outside the box, and try new things, as the workplace requests! Therefore, DON’T STAY IN SCHOOL!!!!!  Seriously, the homeschool biz is growing fast, and may even get to be valid in your country!



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