How RPGs are the “humanest” games

RPGs are role playing games, and what that means, exactly? That, in the game, you will be playing as a character that plays a role in a story -a role that is never the same, most times… It shouldn’t be the same everytime, that’s just bad game development-, and that role is achievable by the acquirement of set set of powers and weapons, or by ultimately changing the relations between you and the NPCs. RPG games can be videogames, like Dragon’s dogma, or phyisical games, like D&D -We’ve arealy talked about D&D in this site Check it out-, either having the same basic characteristics, but just changing the relation between the DM (Tutorial in videogames) and the player, and the one between the player and the other players (that can be only NPCs on videogames, or both players and NPCs).

Now that that is put behind, we can define what it really means to be a human: being human implies in having a chance to be unique, to overcome problems, to live freely (at least since the French Revolution). A human is able to evolve within his limits, and train enough to surpass that limit, a human has transcendency, which means that him can learn, raciocinate!

Therefore, if being human is being something that can be itself and not be blocked by impossible difficulties, and RPGs brings that to the role of the character that you will play, RPGs are the humanest types of games that one can play! Either if you grind to kill that impossible boss (yes, i’m looking at you, red dragon), or if you just want a good time with some cool dudes.

Either way, role playing games are one of the most famous types of games because they are a way to live without actually having any responsibility and with freedom (Unless you want really bad that ending, then, you most likely will hate the game and yourself, and i will hate you because you will be only pandering to your audience >_>, speaking of which, Hi, russ!), and living life is one of the most lovable things by humans.





I have just noticed that RPGs are, for the most part, violent… And we are the non violence crew… That’s great, really XD.