Should Youtube, reddit, facebook and sites alike ban people if the community don’t do it?

As i played borderlands and listened to Youtube in autoplay i stumbled onto ~or into? I’m confused, watch it be neither~ this video:


We already talked about leafy in this website, and i recall he being the saviour *Oh my, british is gross* of the freedom of speech, but there are a lot of lines to yet to be crossed when the actual line of ban is crossed, when talking about offensive content. For once, the girl from the video did a lot of videos before actually getting banned from youtube, promoting offensive content, racist content, and overall wrong things to say anywhere, on any context. But, after all that, the community didn’t take down the channel, nor the videos, to a extreme that google had to “interviene” *Italian is actually usefull? WTF?* and take down itself, classifying the action as censorship, which is a action condemned by most people, after all, there is such thing as freedom of speech (and people Would die for it), and freedom means no limit, on top of that, nobody was forcing the viewers to click the video, which eliminates completely the need to complain about a person expressing his her or their personal fundamented or not opinion.

And, as to every moral discussion, the last point needed to be researched is  the law’s side: the american law, which those sites follow, approves everything offensive, as long as the speech doesn’t provoke violent acts. Meaning: if we don’t get a 4th Reich because of Evalion’s video, she should be able to teach how to identify a  jew.

Therefore, there is no moral basis for censoring, at least in this century, which bring us back to the question: if the community doesn’t trow the content in the trash, should the big guys do it? For real? They shouldn’t, because, if you aren’t able to stand offensive humor, you won’t be able to survive real life, you will find people that think that is okay to laugh about rape, about alcoholism, about a lot of depreciating shlit, and if the internet can’t stand real life, why the fuck would it be a real thing and have custom filters? And remember, the real life is so offensive because people are different and unique, otherwise it would be only boring!