YTP should be denied by individuals and praised by community

YTP stands to YouTube Poop, and it is a genre of videos that are posted on Youtube (but can be reposted in other sites), and have the intent to annoy, entertain or stuns a group of people that will watch the video, and i focus on the word “will” because it sells and it brings a audience, the first video in this genre was this The First Youtube Poop EVER! – Created by SuperYoshi (2004), it was 2004, and the genre has evolved a lot since then. Basically, in a YouTube poop video, there is a mix of a lot of medias that aren’t originally together, but, thanks to the youtuber, are put together to make a new meaning out of all that mess.

And, with that, we reached the point of speaking about the title: YTP should be denied by individuals. The fun of being a individual is being different than everyone else, that’s why most hate dictatorships, socialism and monarchy: they don’t have the chance to be themselves, because, to the others, you are just the part of set group and there’s just no way! to rise up and don’t be ignored. However, how exactly that relate to YTP? Simply because it extracts your mark of individuality and downgrades you to just a sound to be played, even “disconsidering” whatever you said, which is pretty offensive, at least in my opinion.

Given that, why should the community praise YTP, as the gamers should praise the sun?  Why not really? YouTube poopers are the innermost select few that see anything as anything else but that thing! And, believe it or not, those named innovators, in English, a preofession that any society needs to evolve within itself or internationally.
  So, that’s that! And don’t forget to watch PBS’ playlist, after all, there isn’t new content in the Internet, just copies of previous seen content:

This was our inspiration.


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