Excuses to be mean

I ended up saying this to my friend:

I’m,  for the most part, rude when giving the real talk, so people don’t try to sympathize and make their own judgement based in a idealistic point of view

And that got me thinking: isn’t being nice just a wrong way to make a point and be taken seriously?

I mean, most people misunderstand human interactions: if a girl is nice to a guy, she’s into him; if you agree with someone, you are TOTALLY  disagreeing with the other side of the discussion. There is that misunderstanding because there is such thing as expressions, and if something is said with the wrong expression, the receipt of the conversation may see  the point into the emoticon that your face is expressing, for once: if you are talking about World War II, and you are with a big ol’ smile on your face, the person may interpretate you as a approver of Hitler’s actions.

Besides that, scientifics studies are, by convention, searching for scientific neutrality, which means that we shouldn’t, at all, be nice, nor express any emotions on our jobs.But, that apathy can be misunderstood as rudeness, and you don’t want to be a Rood Dood.

Then, in the end, should you express any emotion on any argument? I mean, you cannot express anything in any situation, so, no! Then, what to do? You should be the less caring about the other people, but, if you care the less about the other person, you are consequently being mean to your “opponent”, which is a solution, if you don’t want to be Misunderstood.

Geez, this was a bad post to write about…. Prolly, it isn’t finished, so, wait for more edits.