One more reason why we write wrongly

Some may have noticed that i don’t capitalize the “i” when reffering to myself, this is, most likely, a bullshit reason, but you know, this site is already a trainwreck of intelectual justifications to basic shit, so, why the fuck not?

Once, there was a twenty one pilots interview (I reallly can’t find that link, yo! If someone has it, please!) that they stated that their album: twenty|one|pilots was named like that just because they didn’t wanted to feel like any more different nor important than others, that writing like that helped them keep humble and proud of their origins: small shows in their colleges and Columbus.

And, believe it or not, that is exactly the message that we try to express: i ain’t different from you, i am not any better just because i know how to arrange a few lines of text, matter fact, i can’t even write properly in my own language (Which sucks, by the way!), and, therefore, we won’t capitalize our Is, because i am not superior to you


This post is actually a follow up, check the first one! Yes, this is a order, marjor!