A gorduuu’s analysis to this (terrible, terrible) blog

As the main writer, I know the general idea that I tried to express in every and each one of my posts, and the symbolism in every grammar mistake, the meaningful avoidance of research in the start (and the use of research to proving of points), the use of anything not too mainstream, the use of certain images and in every breaking of the conventional system.

Of course I did not learned anything, I mean, how could I? Just kidding, I have learned almost everything that was said in the blog and in the videos (both originals and featured) and in the sources (that have a tab just for them ^^)

Analyzing deeply (or not) into the writing of the blog, you can see how unique the writer tried to make his arguments (hence the URL), and into those arguments you can separate a BUNCH of topics, which I will try to organize here:

  1. Inclusion (Special people, bullying, grouping)

People are different, and that shouldn’t make us any less special than the next one. Of course there will be people that will try to discriminate one from the others, but that shouldn’t stop anyone!

  1. The need to be different (evolutionary traits, grouping, society needs)

People are different from each other for a reason, after all, if we were all the same, if one of us stumbled into a problem, there wouldn’t be anyone else to solve them.

  1. The building of one (media, influence, standardization)

The theory of determinism is where we get the most influence in:

Determinism is the philosophical doctrine that all events transpire in virtue of some necessity and are therefore inevitable. Traditionally, the view relies on strict notions of causality, and most philosophical arguments in its favor have attempted at clear definitions of cause and effect as a basis for the belief that determinism is true.”

  1. !Riots in general (Random shitposting-yes, that is an acceptable term/genre in blog and pages classifications of posts)

internet, i and non finished posts. Nothing else to say. 

Just kidding , this is where the creativity -that we deemed so important- takes play in, to prove that, what we see on the text aren’t just word to fill a arbitrary task at a school project.



Should you pursue real dates?

With those GIFs, i wonder why would one WANT a real date, and maybe i only say this because it’s relatable to my circle of entertainment and influences, but hear me out.

Females are very complicated, and I mean very, not as complicated as humans in general, so, that’s the first reason why no one should get a real date.

The second point is: often humans are judged by every other human, therefore, you may start dating someone badly acclaimed by the others, and that matters, for some reason.

The last point is the gigantic gap between sexual content in real life and in both animations and drawing. For real, it’s fucking stupid the fact that everyone’s fetish can be accomplished in those media, even if they are illegal in real life.

This thread explains some things


In conclusion, fuck real dates! LET’S FUCK OUR WAIFUS!!!


I am addicted to Don’t Hug Me. I’m Scared (Because of Matpat)

Well, this episode actually reflected a lot of ideas on this blog, which is weird, because i have never seen this before what? 4 days ago?

We, much like the Internet, are random, refers to ourselves in plural-even though we are just one-, give a lot a answers -in the same speed as we generate questions-, link ourselves into many other things -generating a gigantic flood of distraction-, and are smart (Maybe, the only difference is that we are sorta arrogant).

Maybe we are also made of 0’s and 1’s, but that’s a theory for another day.

But, well, is there such thing as creativity? I feel like these slides explain it very well:


Maybe creativity is the same thing as ego to our lives:

Just a series of chemical reactions that fuel ourselves to live another day and colonize the planet earth, and when the human species is distressed to a point that we can’t live in this planet anymore, we will reach the peak of our creativity and travel to other worlds, just so we can infect it and leave to another, in the end, colonizing the hole universe and causing it to collapse, forming another big bang and creating a hole another universe where the same will happen over and over, with no recollection, just a idea of a Uni-potent and All-Knowing species that we will call gods, not knowing that they were us.

~that got deep~

And that’s why i agreed, i want to end the cicle and see how we will end up.

The lore is solved:


Facts win, he is not wrong….

(Yes this website is a feminist blog, also an anarchist, LGBT, and Gamer…)

This is not the first time we talk about equality here, but, maybe, that’s the first time that we treat it as a good thing! And, yes,  feminism is necessary in these contemporary times!  By definition, Feminism is:

Feminism is a range of political movements,ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equalpolitical, economic, personal, and social rights for women.

Not to be confused with feminazis:

Feminazi is a term used pejoratively to describe either feminists who are perceived as extreme or radical,[1][2] women who are perceived as seeking superiority over men,[3] rather than equality, or in some cases, to describe all feminists.

Therefore, share UhOhBro’s video with all your anti-feminists friends ;)

(I AM aware of the wrong use of therefore, don’t judge me, i will take you in court)

Is hype actually good for sells?

Well, savant is releasing a new song, Friday 15th, and he posted this on Instagram:


That will and  did built hype to his new song (don’t forget that I am writing this day 7th)-Update on the thingy: Vybz is actually an ALBUM-, but, is that sort of behavior desired? It is, if you can do a great job and keep humble, just like savant!

Update on the song(i repeat my mistakes):

Nevertheless, there are those other publishers that aren’t actually good and fuck up EVERYTHING on the final product, that happened with games like Destiny, that instead of doing everything that it advertised, the final game ended up with Almost no history and a crappy multiplayer queue that stands till today!

But that isn’t normal Hype, and I mean, a lot of our actions are based on the previsions that others make about the weather, about our relationships about anything! Therefore they are an indispensable part of our routine!

You would think so, right? BUT NO, THEY ARE NOT! Believe it or not, humans are set to enjoy surprises, that’s why, if we stay still at some place seeing the same shit, we get super bored and want to kill ourselves (at least i do). Hence, the less you share of a game or anything, the best.

That made sense, i guess, but how will someone know a game, if nothing of it is shared? And, believe it or not, people share Rumors and tangible facts! And the sharing of those are what build hype, making hyping up the product a indispensable part of the market part of the job!

In conclusion, yes, hype is good for sells, it’s actually a need in selling and getting people’s attention, nevertheless, there is the other side, when the thing is released, it might not meet up the hype, bringing, consequently, a lot of hate, a thing that can boost up the sells or kill them completely! So, be careful with hype.