Your pronunciation of words make you unique

Inspired by PBS idea channel’s video It’s actually Guiffi in Brazil, we found ourselves thinking: “everything is circumstantial”, as Doctor house arealy used to say. We arealy, of course, arealy talked about this, so does Democrito (too lazy to translate to English, but this is it on my Greek: Δεμόkριτος),  and where you come from actually reflects onto who you are and your actions. Bringing all those assumptions to the table, we can see why people are who they are and how act towards any situation (yes, i am fully aware that i have repeated everything that i just said in this period in this same paragraph!).

One would think that that sums it up, and i guess it does!

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But, when analysing closely, how does a accent or a few more letters change the whole conception of a person that is you? If you look into it, you will see that…

Well, actually, we need to clarify something: Accents are a very, and i mean VERY, arbitrary line, so we won’t focus on that, and instead we will be focusing only the things that make you have that accent! A accent is built into someone when they get a lot of influence from someone with that way of saying things, therefore proving Democrito’s point and my own on this group of ways to analyse society.

I give up, i can’t write about this, i feel like i am repeating myself.

So yes, the point is: if you are born somewhere, you will suffer influence from that culture, making you develop a accent, behave certain way, respond some things and differentiate from others overall, hence making you unique.

(No joke, keep this in The down low, this is just a post to prompt tomorrow’s post: MOBAs are the greatest creations of the century)