MOBAs are the greatest creations of this century

It may seems dumb, but i am only writing this so i can share this GIF, because she is too fucking cute to be ignored (Yes, like that video), so, now, LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET’S GET RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT INTO THE POST!

(Holy fuck, i have flooded this post with links already, this is great..)

MOBAs are Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, a genre that put a group of, generally (and preferably -proven by science-), 5 to 6 people into a set space in the objective of killing each other or taking out a point, some Honorable mentions would be Overswash, league of legends (I literally don’t have a game for it-nevermind) and Smite, and they are such a big deal right now:


They are only a big deal just because they are including EVERYONE, because everyone can play videogames, after all, you can play them literally everywhere, even at libraries! But that doesn’t stop that! MOBAs organize teams and groups that organizes themselves to get sponsors get good, and totally sync which each other making, hence, a great friendship, that humanity needs and aspires.

Fuck it, no conclusion, i just wanted to share that cute D.Va GIF :D, by the way, that featured image is way too ducking hot.