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So, I was cleaning my wordpress and I have found this shit that some would call a opinion article, so I will share it with you! I will be also putting comments in bold, so let’s get right into the post:

Firstly, watch this video so you can get prep up:

Brazilians are considered Lazy, corrupt, fake happy, and many other bad things by themselves and also by foreign people. But, are they so bad? So, i’ve found an article and now i can shut down that theory! Here’s the link:

I haven’t read it all, just the parts that i found related to this topic and the parts that i needed to read to understand what was her point.  I personally agree that the internet brings receptors and transmitter a lot closer, but can also isolate people in real life, and (for me, gorduuu-gorduuufake, here) that is not a bad thing, since humans keep transmitting opinions to each other and finding someone with same opinions; also her idea in public contribution in mean to do something big is very good, i definitely recommend everyone to read that entire article, and also see PBS Idea channel’s video on that too (I didn’t include the video in the original and I don’t remember which it was).
Going to the argument that i want and need to talk about: The Brazilian way of life, in the thesis of Mariana(Or Mariana’s thesis, whatever) she says that the way that brazilians meme reflects in the way that we identify ourselves, and doesn’t that makes the way that we brazilians live? (God, this was hard to read, nevertheless, not wrong)
Since she states that our brains try to imitate the most that they can, and the memes are made for that, we use them, and so the memes reflect the way that we think and are, so, let’s see which are the memes most used by Brazilians: They are old 9Gag memes, photos of face expressions, and popular phrases said in videos or real life. So, the brazilians reutilize foreing culture, they like to express feelings by images, and they reutiilize their own shiet. What does that mean? You ask. That means that we brazillian are adapters, repeaters, emotional and throwbackers; and we see that with the way that people relationate and stuff, in real life and in the web.
We, in opposite of most beliefs aren’t lazy, we study a lot more than most of the countries, we give our most hard to adapt other cultures to ours and much more. We start with 10 subjects,and then in fundamental we up that to 12, and finally, we end up with 15 in high school, and a lot of students that can afford, always try to learn one or more language. Studying that much is a characteristic of a lazy person? Didn’t think so. Yeah, sure that the subjects are forced into every individual, and they memorize it, but as I mentioned, the second language is merely optional, and for something that I didn’t mention: college, since is purely facultative, is done by one those who feel like doing it (some even say that the degree isn’t even necessary to get a job), and most of people do get a degree and some even got two or more; we aren’t fake happy too, Many say that yes, because of carnival (A party that supposedly suggests that we’re sad because we’re happy in the moments of partying. I can’t explain this, sorry), because of our motto there! And how does one be sad while making jokes and laughing every time, yes i know that one can fake laugh and still joke faking happiness, but, as a member of that, i ASSURE you that we’re fucking hyped as fuck man!And swearing is a part of that, because when you’re mocking someone or having fun you just do IT, just kidding, you just don’t care, and that’s just the best!
I mean, watch this video made by some guys from 9gag (not us, of course):
9gag is great
We are like that in real life too, and we’re proud of that, crashing shit for the sake of having a little fun.
And when we talk about corruption, oh boy! How we can have a good time! The history of that starts a lot sooner than most think, no it isn’t 1940’s, no it is in fact in colonial Brazil! With the ‘ claptraps saints’ a thing what hides gold that brazilian shold give to portugal, also with appropriation of spanish’s lands by the ‘candangos’, the slaving of jesuit’s natives, and the list goes on, without a year without brazilians burling laws and stuff, and that list get to the present with the massive scandals!
Some might say that corruption is a tradition, and a brazilian tradition! No wonder why brazilian tradition rhymes with corruption Hu3Hu3Hu3Hu3Hu3Hu3Hu3hu3Hu3

Yes, brasilians copy a lot of foreign memes, proof:


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