Is hype actually good for sells?

Well, savant is releasing a new song, Friday 15th, and he posted this on Instagram:


That will and  did built hype to his new song (don’t forget that I am writing this day 7th)-Update on the thingy: Vybz is actually an ALBUM-, but, is that sort of behavior desired? It is, if you can do a great job and keep humble, just like savant!

Update on the song(i repeat my mistakes):

Nevertheless, there are those other publishers that aren’t actually good and fuck up EVERYTHING on the final product, that happened with games like Destiny, that instead of doing everything that it advertised, the final game ended up with Almost no history and a crappy multiplayer queue that stands till today!

But that isn’t normal Hype, and I mean, a lot of our actions are based on the previsions that others make about the weather, about our relationships about anything! Therefore they are an indispensable part of our routine!

You would think so, right? BUT NO, THEY ARE NOT! Believe it or not, humans are set to enjoy surprises, that’s why, if we stay still at some place seeing the same shit, we get super bored and want to kill ourselves (at least i do). Hence, the less you share of a game or anything, the best.

That made sense, i guess, but how will someone know a game, if nothing of it is shared? And, believe it or not, people share Rumors and tangible facts! And the sharing of those are what build hype, making hyping up the product a indispensable part of the market part of the job!

In conclusion, yes, hype is good for sells, it’s actually a need in selling and getting people’s attention, nevertheless, there is the other side, when the thing is released, it might not meet up the hype, bringing, consequently, a lot of hate, a thing that can boost up the sells or kill them completely! So, be careful with hype.


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