I am addicted to Don’t Hug Me. I’m Scared (Because of Matpat)

Well, this episode actually reflected a lot of ideas on this blog, which is weird, because i have never seen this before what? 4 days ago?

We, much like the Internet, are random, refers to ourselves in plural-even though we are just one-, give a lot a answers -in the same speed as we generate questions-, link ourselves into many other things -generating a gigantic flood of distraction-, and are smart (Maybe, the only difference is that we are sorta arrogant).

Maybe we are also made of 0’s and 1’s, but that’s a theory for another day.

But, well, is there such thing as creativity? I feel like these slides explain it very well:


Maybe creativity is the same thing as ego to our lives:

Just a series of chemical reactions that fuel ourselves to live another day and colonize the planet earth, and when the human species is distressed to a point that we can’t live in this planet anymore, we will reach the peak of our creativity and travel to other worlds, just so we can infect it and leave to another, in the end, colonizing the hole universe and causing it to collapse, forming another big bang and creating a hole another universe where the same will happen over and over, with no recollection, just a idea of a Uni-potent and All-Knowing species that we will call gods, not knowing that they were us.

~that got deep~

And that’s why i agreed, i want to end the cicle and see how we will end up.

The lore is solved:


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