A gorduuu’s analysis to this (terrible, terrible) blog

As the main writer, I know the general idea that I tried to express in every and each one of my posts, and the symbolism in every grammar mistake, the meaningful avoidance of research in the start (and the use of research to proving of points), the use of anything not too mainstream, the use of certain images and in every breaking of the conventional system.

Of course I did not learned anything, I mean, how could I? Just kidding, I have learned almost everything that was said in the blog and in the videos (both originals and featured) and in the sources (that have a tab just for them ^^)

Analyzing deeply (or not) into the writing of the blog, you can see how unique the writer tried to make his arguments (hence the URL), and into those arguments you can separate a BUNCH of topics, which I will try to organize here:

  1. Inclusion (Special people, bullying, grouping)

People are different, and that shouldn’t make us any less special than the next one. Of course there will be people that will try to discriminate one from the others, but that shouldn’t stop anyone!

  1. The need to be different (evolutionary traits, grouping, society needs)

People are different from each other for a reason, after all, if we were all the same, if one of us stumbled into a problem, there wouldn’t be anyone else to solve them.

  1. The building of one (media, influence, standardization)

The theory of determinism is where we get the most influence in:

Determinism is the philosophical doctrine that all events transpire in virtue of some necessity and are therefore inevitable. Traditionally, the view relies on strict notions of causality, and most philosophical arguments in its favor have attempted at clear definitions of cause and effect as a basis for the belief that determinism is true.”

  1. !Riots in general (Random shitposting-yes, that is an acceptable term/genre in blog and pages classifications of posts)

internet, i and non finished posts. Nothing else to say. 

Just kidding , this is where the creativity -that we deemed so important- takes play in, to prove that, what we see on the text aren’t just word to fill a arbitrary task at a school project.