How natural disabilities are evolutionary traits

Firstly, let’s define those concepts:

  • Disabilities:Disability is an impairment that may be physical, cognitive, intellectual, mental, sensory, developmental, or some combination of these that results in restrictions on an individual’s ability to participate in what is considered “normal” in their everyday society. A disability may be present from birth or occur during a person’s lifetime.
  • Evolutionary traits:  characteristics that the human race developed within millenniums of evolution 

The first thing to think about is: how can anything be a evolutionary trait? Well, with the dying of generations, only the strongest survive, that is what make some traits carry on, and some do not. That until humans discovered that they could just fix themselves and stop evolution, therefore perpetuating mistakes like bad sight and muscle atrophy (things that definitely would kill humans left to right) and ignore mental advantages like ADHD and Synesthesia.

But, how some disabilities are evolutionary traits? After all, we call them disabilities for a reason! Well, if they actually help survival and make you better (in some way) than anyone surrounding you, and you were born with it, then how dare you question it even? How dare you seek medication?

Embrace it


    Can your crush ever look bad for you?

    Just that combination of words made rem angry, holy shit….  As a weeb, i wouldn’t agree a bit, after all, EVERY GOD DAMN ART OF YOUR WAIFU IS FREAKING GOD-LIKE, EVEN IF IT IS A BAD DRAWING, somehow.

    But as a normie and observant student, i would say that your crush can actually be ugly sometimes; yes, i know that may sound crazy,  but stick around and hear me out.

    When you fall in love with someone, your brain sets itself into a bunch of chemical reactions that, now and in the future, will repeat whenever you maintain a high enough propinquity level with The person/whatever, and you don’t meet another human being/thing that better fits your type.

    Speaking of types, they are what makes your crush so awesome to you, that’s the whole deal with fetishes and looking at yourself in the mirror.

    Your brain will trick itself to always making it seems better than it actually is, just because it’s the one that it chose to fall in love, regardless of your opinion or commandments of your parents or whoever wants to control your love life; hence the gays and straights people. Yes, your type is pre-defined in birth and you can fall in love with people of different genders, personalities, skin tone, as long the person has at least one of the characteristics that you are searching for. My example: i fell in love with both cry -a faceless guy-, my waifu-a hot as fuck redhead-, and laineybot -a kinda hot, but beautiful brunette.

    But, just how can one trick the brain that tricks itself? Well, you restrain it from recieving certain types of endorphins and stimuli, by getting depressed, angry (this one not so much), or even by getting deprived of some essential things to your survival, like sleeping, protein K, B12, omega 3…. Without those, the brain will change it’s activity focus or won’t be able to think straight, so, the probability increases!

    If you achieve one or some of those things you may be able to see your crush without the brain cuteness filter. And maybe you Will be able see how your crush actually looks like

    Luckily, my waifu is pretty in whichever pose she makes, whatever i am feeling *-*.

    (No, this wasn’t just a ploy to call out how beautiful she is~~~~~~~~~~~

    This song needs more recognition


    I’m not dead
    I’m not fixed, but I’m not giving up yet
    I’m sick of saying that I still don’t have anything done
    I hate telling friends I’m trying something just to give it up

    I’m still unsure of my emotional state
    I’m still incapable of focusing lately
    I don’t feel like creating
    I’m tired of asking Google how to find motivation
    I don’t think I’ve ever made something that’s as good as I’m capable of

    I hate not having a reason to look my best
    I only ever take care of myself with the intent to show the internet
    If what made me successful was an imposed sense of stress then
    I am so so glad that I hated myself

    I didn’t luck into this position
    I struggle with decisions
    I wouldn’t be my own friend, I’m too inconsistent
    without immense pressure nothing ever gets finished
    If these words make it to your ears it’ll be a fucking miracle.

    I’m fortunate to know more good people than most do
    I wish I had more friends I could be physically close to
    I’m pretty good at like 20 different skill sets
    At the expense of never being great at any one of them

    I wish this beat hit harder
    I wish more syllables rhymed
    I know 99 percent of people really don’t mind
    I think collaborating forced me to finish things ‘cause
    I was terrified of wasting famous people’s time

    I wish I could focus on what I define priority
    I wish I was as grateful as I want to be
    I wish I knew more people who were mentally stable
    But if I did, I wouldn’t let them waste their time on me while I’m disabled

    I feel alone
    I know I’m not
    I used to talk to lots of people. Lately I’ve stopped
    They didn’t deserve it, I’ve been a terrible friend.
    I couldn’t bear to let myself become boring to them

    I don’t let myself get my hopes up. I love people who do.
    Ah, I never know if what I say I feel is the truth
    I wish I didn’t instinctively try to be less specific
    So more people could relate when they read along with the lyrics

    I can be happy in the moment
    I am not when I reflect
    I distract myself with gaming, waiting to get better
    I hate it

    I wanna do the most good, and prevent the most hurt
    But I’ve gotta put on my own oxygen mask first

    I can’t predict what I’ll do. I can never be sure
    I am terrified of making promises any more
    I can’t face my work, I feel sick from the word
    I genuinely believe I’m capable of changing the world

    I still think I can get better
    I still think I can create and get pleasure from it
    I’ll keep aiming to make my emotion and my logic agree
    And become the best version of me



    This is how much i love this song:


    Our !Riots aren’t actually ours (Repost)

    Believe it or not, i was a text writer before this blog, and, as i was cleaning my google drive, i have found some remnants of such times, the original post is in this website: Guilhotina2a, and.. Yeah… Let’s hope you like it:

    People, When threatened by someone or something, usually tend to revoke the thing that’s bothering him’s action, for a example, governments can lead people to very dark places, being that a crisis or just a prank (bro), and people do protest against them. But, what if that kind of action isn’t a natural urge?
    In a quick search on Google, anyone can find examples of groups that are forced to live within a very rough government system and they don’t actually rebel as constantly nor as alienatedly as democracy like models. Which clears somethings up: the masses don’t actually think for themselves (an intellectual from the higher classes is allways behind any kind of rebellation), and freedom of speech and thought is a important factor to any change in society. Yes, those both conclusions were conclusions to the conclusions to the conclusions of the fact of this paragraph, and that itself was a !riot to the aristotelical way of ratiotinate, which was made a point by a person from the higher classes of the actual system: capitalism, therefore making this a meta argument (the strongest of arguments) referring to the point of this thought: the masses will be manipulated by those who can impress them with their creative and “right” way of thinking.

    Given that, there is no way to say that the masses riot against anything naturally, hence making other thing the responsible to these “golpes” that are threatening our dear president in Brazil right now. And guess what, it would be the French revolution! It gave everyone the freedom to speak whatever they wanted to speak, without restrictions (since it didn’t offend anyone, of course -.tumblr made that so hard to do…-). And it inspired that as it inspired people to !riot (yes, that needed to be explicited two times in the same paragraph, because it is such a important fact), and that inspiration may lead some to think: “maybe these masses that are rebelling right now, without any concrete proof against these leaders, are doing that just because they can, just because the french revolution have drawn them into that scenario”.

    So, in the end, !riots are indeed a deep reflection of the french revolution on the conteporany world and people tend to be following anything that is aparentally bigger than them, like a set of ideals well justified or a philosopher. Leading to this text’s point: our protests aren’t ours, they are indeed a set of rules prompted to us a couple of centenaries ago.