What actually is cheating on your mate

Many and many people, and I mean that many, experience cheating in their love live (! The school idol project-oh wait), being they doing themselves or their boyfriends/girlfriends (what are the names for other genders relationships?) doing so. My last relationship ended because of it, and I’m afraid that this one ends too, but these didn’t end on the same type of cheating, let’s clarify that?

To understand the types of cheating you have to actually know what it is. Cheating is the act of breaking the boyfriend-girlfriend (I mean all genders and preferences, I’m just being a cis because it’s easier) agreement, which dictates exclusivity (one sided open relationship, exclusive -this one is the most common-, polygamy, polyandry, and so on and so forth), the meaning (is it for sex? Is it for emotional care?), friendship (are you there for him/her/them? Or are you there for the status and occasional sex?), the time together (studying, watching anime, just talking), and boundaries (what you and they can’t actually do, never).

Damn, I feel so bad for writing this, but this need to be shared.

So, the types of cheating:

  • Emotional

This is the one that gives one no physical compensation, just emotional, say, she’s really sad and she rather stay with someone else than you.

  • Physical 

This is the one which gives only physical compensation, and this is also the most common one

  • Lost of meaning 

If you did have the relationship just so you could do that one thing together and everything else was situational, and the other person starts doing that with someone else or stops doing it overall, you’ve lost the meaning of the relationship and the one that has been cheated on may loose the will of dating.

  • Breaking exclusivity

It’s not doing what your agreement foretold, say, you’re in a one sided open relationship and the other person doesn’t seek pleasure in other people, there’s no sense in leaving it that way, because the other side will feel too pressured and that may drive you to the end of your relationship.

  • Breaking boundaries 

This is exactly what it sounds like: you go too far, so far that you can’t go back and your relationship is over.

Maybe there are other types of cheating, but that’s not the point of this post, this is supposed to educate you in the troubles that one can avoid if he/she/they look back to what their relationship was build onto, and avoid breaking those bases; after all, if you break the foundation, the building will fall, and there’s nothing that you can do, but evacuate after that.

I’m sorry….

You may still love her, but….