PA GT that shouldn’t be done

>remember that boy?

>he met that girl

>face to face 

>that time together he had a rollercoaster or emotions

>she pushed all his boundaries 

>he was as scared as was happy

>he couldn’t stop shaking

>she noticed that

>they lit one

>that was too much for him, he knew what to do, just couldn’t 

>decided pass a newbie image

>forced coughing, didn’t hurt at all

>she wanted too much of him

>he was a virgin

>virgin of everything 

>he didn’t liked almost anyone

>there was no pressure, he just locked himself 

>she pushed way too much

>he couldn’t do it

>he was still shaking

>she gave up

>they frenched 

>he just couldn’t do it, 

>involuntarily pulled himself away,

>involuntarily mimic moves that he wasn’t aware of

>it was pretty bad

>he felt bad for her

>she consoled him

>he loved her for that

>he never wanted to do that again, just until he was comfortable enough 

>she read him so well


>he just wanted to be with her 

>so nervous that he felt like he needed to do something

>he could only talk

>she wasn’t too much on it 

>she was too deep in experiences that he never lived before 

>bad for both of them

>… no need for commenting

>he still loves her

>he couldn’t think of not breaking up with her

>he was with the same mind as he came with two weeks before

>there was no reason for her to be with him

>they were friends that love each other, 

>he tried to convince himself of that

>he never asked

>she did throw a bunch of clues

>he couldn’t believe that, 

>somehow his friends and his family have gotten into his head

>”if she likes you, why she hides you?”

>he couldn’t say the truth 

>she never did say the truth (about that)

>or, she did,

>he just didn’t noticed or wanted the words

>if it was indeed a question of acceptance,

>there would be no worries

>he still loved her 

>maybe was time to let her go,

>she confused him too much

>she was too nice and pretty for him 

>he wasn’t nearly as experienced enough to be with her

>but she still tried to be with him

>arranging dates, 

>talking to him and his friends

>Did we wanted to break up with her in such positive time?

>he still loved her

>he still felt bad 

>they seemed that still wanted to date

>every time he wasn’t with her,


>he was depressed



>even when they were talking online, 

>too far away

>too little experience he had


>ele era quase um bebê comparado com ela

>she stated the obvious

>being a child isn’t a attractive trait

>he remembered him taking…

>did it mattered?

>wasn’t neither positive nor productive to argue

>he knew that

>he experienced this one too much times

>he did not argued in anything that wasn’t positive to her since that day 

>he just took all that negativity and kept it hidden,

>tried to say that to her

>no positive results

>what to do?

> he still loved her

> he still felt bad

>at least he could take a lot

>he was afraid to break his own psyche

>to hurt her


> he needed to be cautious with every word he said

> to her

>to his family

>to his friends he already did,

>the few that he did not pushed away

>did that made him miserable?

>did it mattered?

>did he even identified himself with these people?

>a few helped him

>put him up

>at the price of he feeling bad whenever they got down

>and he couldn’t do anything most of the times

>empty promises

>words of encouragement 

>foolish advices

>childish humor

>he never wanted to go full critical on them

>his experience with feeling bad made him don’t 

>it was almost over to him

>but the question was still there

>”should I break up with her?”


This one was obviously bigger, is there a reason for that? Yes.

Can I talk about it? That’s for the next chapters of this series of gts….

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