A gt about reconciliation 

>she read his work


>maybe, maybe she just didn’t grow enough to understand art

>he knew that it was a bad thing to share with her

>he said it two weeks ago

>he was scared of sharing then, 

>he was scared when he did it

>if he had written in Portuguese, would she understand better?

>he never wanted to break up with her

>he wanted her to be happy

>were they trough with only that

>can you use the word only there?

>as he wrote, she wanted to break up with him in a long time

>their connection was psychological 

>he still didn’t enjoy physical contact quite as much

>but if that meant that he could be with her, so be it

>she called him a child,

>but she didn’t read him all that much

>or she did and didn’t knew how to react

>the first time he felt like she read him was in his moment of shame

>she was too harsh on almost everything that he went trough 

>that’s why he kept their talking focused on her

>of course he wouldn’t remember everything that they talked about

>it’s not like his efforts to make sense and try to help her overcame his brain capacity 

>he loved her

>he wanted to talk to her

>he just wasn’t capable of following the amount of information that was thrown at him

>she requested him to talk about everything now,

>he will

>no more repressed feelings

>nothing, just yeah

>he will be with her

>he wanted to be with her

>he needed to be with her

>there was no…. no, of course there were reason for him to flee

>probably she was overcumbered in reasons to leave him

>but he loved that she didn’t 

>he wanted the best to her

>that’s why he let her do whatever 

>maybe this was the end for them

>maybe their story started there

>let’s just hope for the best