Why should you care at all?

I am in a lot of pressure right now, i am a student, a half assed boyfriend,  the worst  youtuber that one could imagine in the schedule that i have, and, finally, a blog writer for >Implying that random=funny. And that leaves the question, why does any of that matter?  Why should i make an effort to maintain anything that is making me miserable and depressed?

Well-first of-, apparently, there are the CHANCE of getting a good reward. See, if you never try something, i (did i really write “i” when i was referring to you on this blog? Dating is really giving me a bad influence) cannot have the arguments nor the power to share any opinion of the consequences of that thing that you did; so, that’s a big enough reward; after all, you’ll be able to shit talk it, and with no serious backlash, since you have experienced it first hand. And then, in the end, since you’ve got that experience, you may use it in your favour, by getting a job, improving your techniques in whatever you’re doing, by comparing what to do and what not to, but again, WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?

Maybe it’s just me that can’t find a reason to care, maybe i got off too easily, learned one too many thing by myself, none of those that actually mattered (writing -not actually the writing that would get me anywhere-, couple of languages, lying, making a persona for every social encounter….); maybe i just got handed a pretty and nice girlfriend every time without any effort; maybe i’ve just got ignored way too much in everything i do; maybe i didn’t actually find a reason to give a fuck. But again, WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?

But then, that leaves to the other main question, if you’re depressed and miserable, is it worth it to keep following it? Well, you may be rewarded even more to not stop trying…

Wait, doesn’t that mean that all that we are doing is based on rewards? Well, let’s just say that this is the animal and instinctive part of our animal brains taking over ourselves.We were born in the mindset of breeding after growing and living enough to provide a safe house to our descendants, with few exceptions that are actually a intended thing to happen, when the human race reaches certain number of inhabitants in each planet that it colonizes. Hence the answer to the title of this blog: Yes, you should care at all.

AND EVEN MORE, you should care about everything and more, your brain and society rewards you for a reason! Because it’s good that you learned about yourself and the environment that made you, you.

Netheless, if you care too much, and learn too much, you may disappoint yourself, and start not caring, so, that’s cool too, right?

10 pm, bye