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Hello, people of the new nation! Today we’ve got some special, fresh and spicy news! Remember we pride ourselves in our neutrality, unlike some drama channels that we can see on youtube, we report the news and nothing but that.

  1. With the launch of watch dogs 2 coming closer every and each everyday, we focus again in hacking.
  2. Besides that, with the videos that the game theorists are making, let’s see how Hacking became famous
  3. Leaving the gaming theme, since apple stopped signing iOS 9.3.4, hackers have not been able to release a public jailbreak since then.

Now, Let’s get to it!

Firstly, I need to disclose that i am not being sponsored by Ubisoft, although I would very much appreciate a sponsorship, so, call me <3.

So, watch_dogs, the second most overhyped game of all time, only losing for destiny and maybe tied with it in disappointment, It’s features hacking, god powered hacking and a main character that apparently no one could relate to; which brings the question, is hacking that easy? IT IS, and you and everyone that you know are in danger; but, should you care? Not really, hackers, most time only hack big time players. But how would someone hack you?

  • Invading into your bank (show how) -> Many banks and corporations use a thing called VPN (Virtual private network), which, in most cases, require a specific login and server authorization, which in most cases protects A LOT of data, netheless, if a hacker manage to trick someone to  give him access to a login or even to the main computer (Which he can do, if he is social enough), all that data is exposed to the computer of the person, and you know what that results in.
  • Stealing all your data (show how) -> if you are connected to a wifi, someone with access to the hosting router of that network (cracking access to that kind of thing is like, super easy, it’s almost a joke, at this point) could just get all your certificates and password, only by looking into the logs that are saved on your cookies and ram of your Browser or computer (That being a cell phone, pc, notebook, whatever)
  • Leaking major corporational data that you are part of (iCloud, psn, xbox live)->the fappening, psn 2015\14 (Always by Lizard Squad)


Icloud->the fappening

Okay,  21th of October a lot of big corporation sites were hacked, here’s the list:

Apparently, people are so aware of that, that, even after game theory made a video about it, the term had increased searches, but not nearly enough compared to its normal spikes.

In the other more sad tone of the topic, Lucas Todesco, Pangu Team and Oversky, until now, do not have another jailbreak released to iOS 9.3.5 nor 10, which kinda frustrates active Jailbreak users, since they haven’t got a jailbreak since 9.3.3, which stopped being signed by apple in August 25th, and we are in october. Although iOS 10 has already been Jailbroken by June, Apple has raised a half million dollar prize for some major problems on the bugs on the software; action that made the american company,  Zerodium , to up the rewards for exploits to 1,5 million dollar.

Which means that, even with Apple practically hiring Hackers, there are enough competition to make everyone’s life better, without following the rules of this *Bleep* show that we call capitalism.

And, with Jailbreak being that hard to break, let’s see how easy is to break your locks!

In the end, no, you’re not alone. You’re not safe, hackers can kill you, can steal your data, can manipulate EVERYTHING that is yours and connected to the internet or even any network, bluetooth, usb, and so on and so forth. And all that without even leaving any trace. So, don’t be interesting.