The cicle of Hipster Fashion

Hipsters are a core part of society nowadays, so influential that they have their own fashion. Much like any other fashion, the hipster one is used to distinguish people from inside the group from those outside. Except that hipsters are not a group, it’s a avoidance of mainstream media and culture, as they would rigorously argue with you if you ever ask them if they are a hipster.On that note, you may see a person with a cute scarf, a t h i c c beard, a lumberjack shirt – I mean, a flannel- drinking coffee and writing a book on the nearest Starbucks. That’s the afore called hipster style. And, just how is it formed? For starters,let’s focus on the hat, that person might have seen that hat on their attic and found it nice, so they’ve started using it, becoming hipsters on the process. Innocent, right?

Sure sounds like it, but then that person has a blog and friends, and those people seeing that the hat is cute, also start using it, making it a fashion staple. People outside that circle that see those people using it join the trend, because they are also human, and just wanna feel included on stuff. Since now the hat has a massive popularity, celebrities start to notice it, and, those who find it cool and hip, will then start to use it too.

Now that the hat is the norm and you can see it on tv, internet or any other media (visual and otherwise), it reached the masses, the plebs, and they too will start using it. Much like memes, once it peaks in popularity, it becomes over saturated on the market and on the public, so it is not cool anymore, and it’s use starts to decline. And then, the hipsters begin to show up again.

Normally teenagers or young adults who write blogs and major in liberal arts, hipsters are those who go out of their way – ironically, of course – to avoid the mainstream, claiming that that form of expressing themselves is actually pleasing. One can see hipsters in any art form, music, dance, memes, plastic art, and the motivation of this article: fashion. And then, a non hipster will eventually see that hipster hat or find their own, repeating the circle, forever and ever.

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