reagan – does this even make sense?

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does this even make sense?


it gets so confusing
trying to follow your footsteps
every part of my life
depends on yours
its stressful
i don’t know where to go now
you’re not in my life
telling me whether
something’s wrong or right
and I just don’t know where to go from here
it’s heartbreaking
feeling like you’ve gotta walk on eggshells
just to talk to you
and it’s different now
cause you’re a thousand miles away
and I’m not there tonight
but she’s there tonight
and you cross your heart and hope to die
and told me that she’d never see the light
but a relationship with you and her is inevitable
when it comes to me
cause nothing ever works out perfectly,
i swear.
and all I ever wanted to do was hold your hand
and I know i fucked that up
oh, i know i fucked that up,
what a simple thing to fuck up.
you and I spent the last few months together
you told me over Christmas that you
think we’d be better apart
and I just sighed
I don’t know what to say about that lie,
cause it’s not my fault
I’m not TRYING to ruin it this time
and now I’ve got
this burden on my shoulders
I swear I told you I’m not
the person you saw
a year ago
I promise, if you come back around I’ll never let you go.