A gorduuu’s analysis to this (terrible, terrible) blog

As the main writer, I know the general idea that I tried to express in every and each one of my posts, and the symbolism in every grammar mistake, the meaningful avoidance of research in the start (and the use of research to proving of points), the use of anything not too mainstream, the use of certain images and in every breaking of the conventional system.

Of course I did not learned anything, I mean, how could I? Just kidding, I have learned almost everything that was said in the blog and in the videos (both originals and featured) and in the sources (that have a tab just for them ^^)

Analyzing deeply (or not) into the writing of the blog, you can see how unique the writer tried to make his arguments (hence the URL), and into those arguments you can separate a BUNCH of topics, which I will try to organize here:

  1. Inclusion (Special people, bullying, grouping)

People are different, and that shouldn’t make us any less special than the next one. Of course there will be people that will try to discriminate one from the others, but that shouldn’t stop anyone!

  1. The need to be different (evolutionary traits, grouping, society needs)

People are different from each other for a reason, after all, if we were all the same, if one of us stumbled into a problem, there wouldn’t be anyone else to solve them.

  1. The building of one (media, influence, standardization)

The theory of determinism is where we get the most influence in:

Determinism is the philosophical doctrine that all events transpire in virtue of some necessity and are therefore inevitable. Traditionally, the view relies on strict notions of causality, and most philosophical arguments in its favor have attempted at clear definitions of cause and effect as a basis for the belief that determinism is true.”

  1. !Riots in general (Random shitposting-yes, that is an acceptable term/genre in blog and pages classifications of posts)

internet, i and non finished posts. Nothing else to say. 

Just kidding , this is where the creativity -that we deemed so important- takes play in, to prove that, what we see on the text aren’t just word to fill a arbitrary task at a school project.



Should you pursue real dates?

With those GIFs, i wonder why would one WANT a real date, and maybe i only say this because it’s relatable to my circle of entertainment and influences, but hear me out.

Females are very complicated, and I mean very, not as complicated as humans in general, so, that’s the first reason why no one should get a real date.

The second point is: often humans are judged by every other human, therefore, you may start dating someone badly acclaimed by the others, and that matters, for some reason.

The last point is the gigantic gap between sexual content in real life and in both animations and drawing. For real, it’s fucking stupid the fact that everyone’s fetish can be accomplished in those media, even if they are illegal in real life.

This thread explains some things


In conclusion, fuck real dates! LET’S FUCK OUR WAIFUS!!!


Can you be TOO hot?

I feel like Chloe Grace Moretz is the line between hot and too hot (Damn, that GIF is distracting), but, is there such thing as “too hot” or they are just your crush?


Firstly, there is such thing as too hot in dating, as this thread reflects: if your crush is hot and you are hideous, she is too hot FOR YOU. Meaning: too hotness is relative and coercive, and dependent on genes, which can sucks, but again, we are talking about genetics to begin with.

Speaking about relative things, we reach market terms:

  • a) Sexiness have recently risen faster than the long term national average
  • b) Singles are demanding too much
  • c) Demand currently exceeds supply
  • d) The daytime air temperature is above 30 degrees (Celsius) ~i can’t see how that reflects…. I mean at temperatures below or above 15, i would understand, but 30?~

But then, even if you fulfill all those points, they are only gonna say that you are the sexiest, not unfairly sexy, as too sexy would be.

As to a popular media point of view: wait, there is none, everyone is WAY TOO BUSY talking about how being sexy empowers/objectify women instead of considering how perfect humans can get, which is a positive thing, instead, they are degrading the sense of evolution to a thing to consider when studying animals, forgetting that we ARE FUCKING ANIMALS TOO, AND SEXINESS AND SYMMETRY ARE EVOLUTIONARY TRAITS AND WE SHOULD PRAISE THEM!

~Damn, that made me mad~


well, my guess is:

Hotness is a thing build by time:

  1. The person has to be sexy, have those proportions

  1. The sexiness attribute must be developed in that person’s characters, either in movies, either in the community, either in Photoshop, and many other things, as long your opinion of him/her/they are unsteady and impressionable
  1. Your friends have to praise the person themselves as you do
  1. People that you don’t know have to praise the person themselves as you do

That is what happened to me in regards of Chloe, and  i can understand that, so yeah, maybe the too hot concept is personal, instead of a global thing



Your pronunciation of words make you unique

Inspired by PBS idea channel’s video It’s actually Guiffi in Brazil, we found ourselves thinking: “everything is circumstantial”, as Doctor house arealy used to say. We arealy, of course, arealy talked about this, so does Democrito (too lazy to translate to English, but this is it on my Greek: Δεμόkριτος),  and where you come from actually reflects onto who you are and your actions. Bringing all those assumptions to the table, we can see why people are who they are and how act towards any situation (yes, i am fully aware that i have repeated everything that i just said in this period in this same paragraph!).

One would think that that sums it up, and i guess it does!

Goodbye guys!

See ya next post!

The schedule is everyday 15:30 UTC, see ya then!

But, when analysing closely, how does a accent or a few more letters change the whole conception of a person that is you? If you look into it, you will see that…

Well, actually, we need to clarify something: Accents are a very, and i mean VERY, arbitrary line, so we won’t focus on that, and instead we will be focusing only the things that make you have that accent! A accent is built into someone when they get a lot of influence from someone with that way of saying things, therefore proving Democrito’s point and my own on this group of ways to analyse society.

I give up, i can’t write about this, i feel like i am repeating myself.

So yes, the point is: if you are born somewhere, you will suffer influence from that culture, making you develop a accent, behave certain way, respond some things and differentiate from others overall, hence making you unique.

(No joke, keep this in The down low, this is just a post to prompt tomorrow’s post: MOBAs are the greatest creations of the century)