How to be The best boyfriend in five steps

1- Ignore her 

  • Do not pay attention to her, if she takes a while to respond to you, and you’re sleepy, don’t respond, just sleep
  • If she has any plans, and she asks for your help, don’t 

2- be cold as fuck

  • Do not express your feelings to her
  • Do not care about her feelings

3-take no interest in her

  • If she is doing something cool, it doesn’t matter
  • If she changed any part of her body or appearance you must not acknowledge it

4-Compare your mate to every other guy or girl anywhere

  • She will be loving you forever because: one, you will show observation skill; two, you will be judging her on her appearance and who doesn’t love that?

5-ignore all those steps

  • Be kind, listen to her, care about her feelings, express emotions without fears, tell her about your insecurities. That’s what a girl seeks in a man, a person that can make her whole and make her feel special

At least, that’s what I learned by dating and watching buzzfeed, and I sure need to learn to follow this steps more carefully, after all, I love my waifu <3

Anyways, Here’s the video that I’ve made on it: