reagan – does this even make sense?

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does this even make sense?


it gets so confusing
trying to follow your footsteps
every part of my life
depends on yours
its stressful
i don’t know where to go now
you’re not in my life
telling me whether
something’s wrong or right
and I just don’t know where to go from here
it’s heartbreaking
feeling like you’ve gotta walk on eggshells
just to talk to you
and it’s different now
cause you’re a thousand miles away
and I’m not there tonight
but she’s there tonight
and you cross your heart and hope to die
and told me that she’d never see the light
but a relationship with you and her is inevitable
when it comes to me
cause nothing ever works out perfectly,
i swear.
and all I ever wanted to do was hold your hand
and I know i fucked that up
oh, i know i fucked that up,
what a simple thing to fuck up.
you and I spent the last few months together
you told me over Christmas that you
think we’d be better apart
and I just sighed
I don’t know what to say about that lie,
cause it’s not my fault
I’m not TRYING to ruin it this time
and now I’ve got
this burden on my shoulders
I swear I told you I’m not
the person you saw
a year ago
I promise, if you come back around I’ll never let you go.




This song needs more recognition


I’m not dead
I’m not fixed, but I’m not giving up yet
I’m sick of saying that I still don’t have anything done
I hate telling friends I’m trying something just to give it up

I’m still unsure of my emotional state
I’m still incapable of focusing lately
I don’t feel like creating
I’m tired of asking Google how to find motivation
I don’t think I’ve ever made something that’s as good as I’m capable of

I hate not having a reason to look my best
I only ever take care of myself with the intent to show the internet
If what made me successful was an imposed sense of stress then
I am so so glad that I hated myself

I didn’t luck into this position
I struggle with decisions
I wouldn’t be my own friend, I’m too inconsistent
without immense pressure nothing ever gets finished
If these words make it to your ears it’ll be a fucking miracle.

I’m fortunate to know more good people than most do
I wish I had more friends I could be physically close to
I’m pretty good at like 20 different skill sets
At the expense of never being great at any one of them

I wish this beat hit harder
I wish more syllables rhymed
I know 99 percent of people really don’t mind
I think collaborating forced me to finish things ‘cause
I was terrified of wasting famous people’s time

I wish I could focus on what I define priority
I wish I was as grateful as I want to be
I wish I knew more people who were mentally stable
But if I did, I wouldn’t let them waste their time on me while I’m disabled

I feel alone
I know I’m not
I used to talk to lots of people. Lately I’ve stopped
They didn’t deserve it, I’ve been a terrible friend.
I couldn’t bear to let myself become boring to them

I don’t let myself get my hopes up. I love people who do.
Ah, I never know if what I say I feel is the truth
I wish I didn’t instinctively try to be less specific
So more people could relate when they read along with the lyrics

I can be happy in the moment
I am not when I reflect
I distract myself with gaming, waiting to get better
I hate it

I wanna do the most good, and prevent the most hurt
But I’ve gotta put on my own oxygen mask first

I can’t predict what I’ll do. I can never be sure
I am terrified of making promises any more
I can’t face my work, I feel sick from the word
I genuinely believe I’m capable of changing the world

I still think I can get better
I still think I can create and get pleasure from it
I’ll keep aiming to make my emotion and my logic agree
And become the best version of me



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