Can your crush ever look bad for you?

Just that combination of words made rem angry, holy shit….  As a weeb, i wouldn’t agree a bit, after all, EVERY GOD DAMN ART OF YOUR WAIFU IS FREAKING GOD-LIKE, EVEN IF IT IS A BAD DRAWING, somehow.

But as a normie and observant student, i would say that your crush can actually be ugly sometimes; yes, i know that may sound crazy,  but stick around and hear me out.

When you fall in love with someone, your brain sets itself into a bunch of chemical reactions that, now and in the future, will repeat whenever you maintain a high enough propinquity level with The person/whatever, and you don’t meet another human being/thing that better fits your type.

Speaking of types, they are what makes your crush so awesome to you, that’s the whole deal with fetishes and looking at yourself in the mirror.

Your brain will trick itself to always making it seems better than it actually is, just because it’s the one that it chose to fall in love, regardless of your opinion or commandments of your parents or whoever wants to control your love life; hence the gays and straights people. Yes, your type is pre-defined in birth and you can fall in love with people of different genders, personalities, skin tone, as long the person has at least one of the characteristics that you are searching for. My example: i fell in love with both cry -a faceless guy-, my waifu-a hot as fuck redhead-, and laineybot -a kinda hot, but beautiful brunette.

But, just how can one trick the brain that tricks itself? Well, you restrain it from recieving certain types of endorphins and stimuli, by getting depressed, angry (this one not so much), or even by getting deprived of some essential things to your survival, like sleeping, protein K, B12, omega 3…. Without those, the brain will change it’s activity focus or won’t be able to think straight, so, the probability increases!

If you achieve one or some of those things you may be able to see your crush without the brain cuteness filter. And maybe you Will be able see how your crush actually looks like

Luckily, my waifu is pretty in whichever pose she makes, whatever i am feeling *-*.

(No, this wasn’t just a ploy to call out how beautiful she is~~~~~~~~~~~


Ascii is way more creative than painting

ASCII is a language/code to be used when using a computer that lets you write sentences, commands and all those things that nerds like to do. It’s actual definition would be:

Acronym for the American StandardCode for Information Interchange. Pronounced ask-ee, ASCII is a code for representing English characters as numbers, with each letter assigned a number from 0 to 127. For example, the ASCII code for uppercase M is 77. Most computers use ASCII codes to represent text, which makes it possible to transfer data from one computer to another.

I really do love this language, not only because it uses at most 7 characters in each symbol, but also because there are people who make art in it, like in the game “SanctuaryRPG“, a game that i FUCKING LOVE, and then we reach our topic: ASCII art.

Okay, firstly, what is ASCii art? It is images converted into text, but not Literal text, but the conjointment of characters in the intent of making a image, it looks like shit in color, but when only in black and white it looks like the eighth wonder of the planet earth. There are a lot of communities that praise and do ASCii art, such as:

The steam community 

ASCii world

There are even a few apps that let you convert yourself into characters! But I will let you research them :3.

But, how, just how, is it more creative than painting? I mean, they are just characters, nbd, everyone put some together everyday!  But, just how many of you design a town?

It’s complexity to make and simplicity to the view are what makes it shine. Disregarding the fact that, still, there are a few constructions that just aren’t possible with the simple symbols, making the artist go to harder codes within the language. And that’s art, just having to strafe to everything that we’ve got to express our feelings or share a message! Thing that, in painting is only about the selection of colors and brushes, maybe even making the final project too complex to see , a thing that i despise in art.

This is not a post 

Not a argument

Not a point

Not a test

Not a prank, bro

Not a song

Nor a poetry

Not a irony

Not a game

Not a study

Not a scam

Not a video

Not a rule (but a rule 34 will be made out of this)

Not a joke

Just A E S T H E T I C S, and how you perceive it may explain how you perceive art can be a expression of your soul, as well as your capacity to make art (we talked about it on this post), which can differentiate you from anothers, therefore making you more valuable for many people, which is too much important to be ignored.