The TOP 10 inventions of all time

Hello, and welcome to my blog, today I bring you the TOP 10 INVENTIONS OF ALL TIME
#1 The internet

Do I need to comment?

#2 Any kind of mobile technology

Since Cellphones, huts, and all those mobile technology were created, humans have been able to reach everywhere with a lot less trouble


#3 Writing

How would society advance without writing?

#4 Religion

How would humans get a better way to control other humans into doing their biddings, if not by religion?

#5 Music

It can get a direct access into your mind and being, changing you as you identify with it.

#6 Houses

Since agriculture has became a thing, we all needed houses to store ourselves and that food.

#7 Birth control technology

Since those were created, people became able to feel more joy to fulfill their empty souls with less consequences.

#8 Bathrooms

Invented by the romans, the toilets possibly made possible, to those whom can afford them, to avoid a lot of diseases.

#9 Any photo/video recorder

With those, we were able to express ourselves even more, and sell more, so, good for us.

#10 Social rights 

They don’t exist, at least they shouldn’t, because all humans should be treated like humans. Netheless, by the existence of social rights, we were able to evolve a lot more as a community, rather than people.