This is where we get all this nonsensical BS (Sources)

    1. Ourselves
    2. Youtube in general
    3. PBS idea channel
    4. OnisionSpeaks
    5. UhOhBro
    6. The filthy frank TV
    7. Dinazta music (This is one of ours easter eggs)
    8. Boyinaband
    9. Late Night With Cry and Russ V.1 and V.2 (With the memes)
    10. Gorduuu (shit, that guy is from the non violence crew)
    12. Wikipedia
    13. Daycaller
    14. Google direct link to the definition of a GIF
    15. Leafy’s channel on youtube
    16. Cryaotic’s channel
    17. Cry’s D&D Campaign 
    18. Russ’ Playthrough of Undertale
    19. Facebook’s memes (We, unfortunately do not have the links for them)
    20. Crea Tivity (This is a hint, so you can find the easter eggs)
    21. Schools Kill Creativity, for real!
    22. BrainPower, by NOMA (We prolly couldn’t get through the writing of this many posts without this song)
    23. 12 year old Harry potter in Reddit
    24. Telegraph
    25. Healthline
    26. All about  Savant
    27. HBR
    28. Interpretate
    29. Scott that is not Jund
    30. Draxr’s select clip of Late night with Cry and Russ
    31. Smart people are too proud of themselves
    32. I don’t remember a joke to put on this link, nor the content of the site
    33. This ain’t properly a source, but this is mine now (You may need to activate a VPN man)
    37. /
    43. No, i won’t edit those last ones
    44. ASCii definition
    45. Steam community’s page about ASCii
    46. ASCii world
    47. out-group homogeneity bias
    48. You should get distracted
    49. How to work better? (It’s funny how i am putting these 2 last sources here, but the actual post is coming out 9 days from now…)
    50. Orakel
    51. 10 ways creativity is scary
    52. EVERYONE is creative
    53. NO ONE is creative
    54. Don’t hug me i’m scared
    55. The game theorists
    56. The film theorists
    57. The debriefed Crush
    58. My crush on wordpress
    59. My actual crush

It’s done, for now

fuck me

I’m fucking having to edit 1 by one ;-;