Having a mental condition makes you better than everyone

Okay, maybe the title was a little too much over the top, I reckon that, but that there are people with ADHD, Depression, Savantism, Down syndrome, and all that jazz who can do a lot more than those without diseases, for once: Darwin had extreme ADHD (Apparently, he didn’t have ADHD, just Asperger’s, which made BBC delete a video about, holy shit, that is funny! My sources were so outdated that even the authors have refuted themselves), if he was organizing his research in a methodical way and a fly passed by, he would pass the next ten minutes looking to that fly flying! The point being, if you have any mental disability, your brain is prone to improve something else to compensate, maybe giving you a enhancement or another problem which will be compensated, hence forming a cycle that will form, at least, one mental condition and one mental development.

Given that, people usually only look at one’s disability, instead looking into one’s features, therefore, if a disabled people accomplish a impossibly hard thing, the general citizen will comment as “look, that guy with Savantism made 10000 songs in 6 years”, instead of saying something in the lines of “that guy with synesthesia made a lot of complicated music within only 6 years”, therefore, making it sound more difficult than it actually is to that one human, hence transforming the mental person into someone who is “better” than the normal one, born “perfect”.

By the way, the guy who made 10000 songs in 6 years is a guy named Aleksander Vinter, my man crush Wednesday.