Hey, It’s me again lol. I know i am not good when it comes to express feelings but that doesn’t mean i can’t share it right?.. So past years’ been difficult for me.. I was bullied for being who i was.. I was broken and cornered myself from everyone. I stopped going out meeting ppl.. Always had pressure to impress ppl.. Always someone telling me it’s not right they way i wannabe.. I shouldn’t be way too happy or express myself.. Guys don’t cry.. Even said i was alien-ish for not liking what everyone else around me likes.. Or always someone telling i am ugly or i am not good enough.. I shouldn’t talk much.. Etc..
But wait this is getting boring let’s come straight to point.. I was really lost in those few months.. I didn’t had anyone who cared about me.. I knew i have different taste than everyone but i know now.. There’s nothing wrong with me.. I am perfect the way u are.. I learnt only person who can have opinions about me is only me.. I shouldn’t care about ppl beating me down.. I love be me now.. I think it takes time to find out yourself and know u r nothing to be ashamed of.. You should know you are perfect the way you are… Your flaws are what make u different and you should be proud of who are. No matter ppl say.. U should change only for yourself not other… I am lucky i later met right ppl own right time who supported me and didn’t care for my outlooks.. Just gave importance to my inner hilarious nigga.. I can’t thank them enough, u know who u are.. 💛

Kirangopal xx