We don’t want to be different (Conclusion)

There are proof EVERYWHERE, makeup is sometimes used to make up one to be not so different from the standard beauty, people’s steam accounts are full of main stream games, and the list goes on.

But, that doesn’t mean that we don’t seek uniqueness, all our social relations are based on what we can put on the table.

Nevertheless, we only try to be unique when we really need to, otherwise people take advantage of us, so, we don’t wanna be different.

This post didn’t really said anything that wasn’t mentioned on these post:

It matters

Totally superficial

It’s rather weird how I feel the need to post this :/

You should watch Netflix 

It’s not news the fact of what makes us ourselves are our Influences, our culture and our choices (that are influenced by our influences and culture). And happily, those things we get from what we watch and from our family -who influences what we watch-.

Therefore, we are never entirely us for ourselves and that collection of knowledge difference ourselves from the others, so, yeah, you should watch Netflix, and YouTube, and Pornhub, whichever you like the most.

About the sources

We, most of the times, don’t “believe” in the power and the responsibility of mentioning sources, so, we only will include sources in our posts if it really wore a impact in the whole thing or the source is the point of the thing.

But, for future consideration, we read a lot of Reddit, manga, PBS, Wikipedia and the onision community.

Boredom builds our characters 

It’s common knowledge that the more depressed you are, the more creative you turn out to be, in the end. We can see that in artists like Taylor swift (who makes the best albums when broken-hearted) and many others (that definitely deserve to be mentioned, but the writer -of this post- is depressed and won’t mention them.), so depression makes you express yourself out there.

By expressing yourself, a outsider can analyze the mind of the first mentioned. Little to know, everyone’s personality is built by what we think of ourselves plus what others think about us, so… I hope you get the point.

Taking all that information to consideration, depression, anxiety and all problems that increase creativity can be triggered by boredom, hence the title.

Welp, this will be kept short, because the writer isn’t bored right now, so….